AES focuses New GAC Director of Studies annual training workshop on academic integrity and excellence

November 19 and 20, Hangzhou: The focus of the 2016 New DoS workshop held this month was academic integrity and academic quality control at Approved Teaching Centres (ATCs). Four Directors of Studies from well-established ATCs in China and overseas were invited to share their experiences of managing the GAC program.


Over 50 people from 30 ATCs participated in the training sessions, which were led by AES academic staff. The attendees had the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas of best practices in their centers. The training was wrapped up with seminar discussions led by the AES Regional Account Directors.


Every year, AES organizes a professional development conference or DoS workshop for the GAC DoSs and teachers. The annual workshops assist the GAC ATCs, especially the new centers and the new DoSs, to gain a better understanding of how to manage their staff, their students and the delivery of the GAC program most effectively.