Employers: Stand Up for a Skilled Workforce

When you recommend or require the International Career Readiness Certificate for jobs in your workplace, you'll tap into the most qualified labor pool in your area. When an applicant walks in with a Certificate, you'll have solid insight into that individual's foundational workplace skills. Use the certificate as a tool for:

  • Screening—Save time by interviewing only applicants who have the skills required for your jobs.
  • Hiring and promotion—An International Career Readiness Certificate can be used as an additional tool to help you make selection and promotion decisions.
  • Targeting employee training and development—Save money by using your training budget on just those employees who have skill gaps that need to be filled.
"As we improve and apply new technology in chemical manufacturing, we face an increasing skills gap in new, and some incumbent, workforces. A key factor in achieving those skills is ensuring that the future workforce has a high level of critical foundational skills that prepare them to learn the occupational skills that are critical for our work. We believe the National Career Readiness Certificate is an excellent way to ensure those skills are present in the current and future workforce."

Harry Engelhardt
The Dow Chemical Company
Global Director, Manufacturing and Engineering
6-Sigma, Learning, Change Management

The same benefits cited above in the United States hold true internationally with the International Career Readiness Certificate.

More Career Readiness Certificate Benefits

Based on the WorkKeys® assessment system, this new international credential provides you with a fair and objective "common language" to evaluate employee skills that can be accepted at all of your sites around the world.

The Career Readiness Certificate in Action

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