• Alejandra Shuayre tops the class at Escuela Sierra Nevada Interlomas with a GPA of 4.0

    17 July 2015
    30th July, Mexico City: Escuela Sierra Nevada Interlomas is celebrating their first GAC graduate with a GPA of 4.0. ACT Education Solutions would like to congratulate Alejandra Ruiz Shuayre, the first GAC student in Mexico to receive a perfect GAC GPA, and her teachers at Escuela Sierra Nevada Interlomas. Alejandra is planning to study at [...]
  • Four Sekolah Bogor Raya GAC graduates receive scholarships

    24 June 2015
    20/6/2015: Today Sekolah Bogor Raya in Bogor held its Year 12 GAC graduation event with four students receiving scholarships from AES and one from a US university. Kenny Masbagusdanta, the Valedictorian as well as the best achiever in Science, Amira Leila, the Best Achiever in Social Science, Joanne Katarina Agus, the Most Talented Student and [...]
  • More than 2,000 Indonesian students attend Education USA Fair in Jakarta

    02 April 2015
    7th February, 2015: The annual Education USA Fair which showcases educational institutions from the US was held at Hotel Indonesia, Kempinski, Jakarta last month. An estimated 2,500 Indonesian students who are considering studying in the United States and their parents attended the fair. Business Development Manager Puruhito, Senior Sales Manager (SE Asia) Antony Choi and Communications and Administration [...]
  • Self-Directed Learners Cultivated at 2nd South-East Asia Professional Development Conference

    30 March 2015
    March 7th and March 8th, 2015: Jakarta. University preparation and English language teachers and managers associated with ACT Education Solutions’ programs attended the second South-East Asian Professional Development Conference held at Penabur Secondary, Tanjung Duren campus this month. A question from the audience during the keynote speech. The conference theme was Cultivating Self-directed Learners and [...]
  • Nov 19, 2014, Saigon: Singapore International School in Saigon South Holds Career Day

    29 January 2015
    Year 9 to 11 students and their parents at Singapore International School in Saigon South (known as SIS@Saigon South), recently attended a career day event titled “Your Pathway, Your Future”. The event provided updates on three pathways, including the Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) program, that SIS students can take after the completion of the IGCSE. [...]
  • Second GAC New Directors of Studies Workshop held in Shanghai with increased participation

    09 December 2014
    Nov 15, 16, Shanghai: More than 60 new GAC Directors of Studies (DoSs) from all over China benefitted from the experience of current DoSs and regional academic staff at the second GAC DoS Workshop held this month.    Participants at the 2014 New GAC DoS Workshop Held at the Holiday Inn Shanghai in Pudong, the [...]
  • AlphaMax GAC graduate achieves a first for Suriname: A perfect GAC GPA of 4.0

    05 December 2014
    June 28, 2014: Dux of AlphaMax Academy, Reann Kersenhout, has achieved a GAC GPA of 4.0 and the honour of being the first GAC student in Suriname to gain a perfect score. Reann was awarded her Certificate along with a Certificate of Achievement and a Scholarship Award from AES at the school’s graduation ceremony this [...]
  • AES’ Second Biannual Education Seminar Assists Indonesian Educators with Curriculum Change

    02 December 2014
    Nov 15, 2014, Surabaya: Led by the success of the first education seminar in 2012, AES this month held a second Education Seminar at Grand City Mall, Surabaya to address the important transition that Indonesian schools are currently facing. A major curriculum revamp in 2013 by the Indonesian government has been causing a stir believed to stem from [...]
  • 10th ACT National Youth English Proficiency Demonstration and Communication Show

    17 September 2014
    Junior High winner Qichen Dai from Qingdao, Shandong Shanghai, August 12th, 2014: The 10th ‘ACT National Youth English Proficiency Demonstration and Communication Show’ successfully concluded with 440 finalists from 20 regions of China competing in the grand finale. Natasha Grokh, Vice Consul of the US Consulate General, Shanghai, and Yuan Liu, Senior Commercial Specialist of [...]
  • First Jakarta joint ACT Test Center/GAC Center at Penabur International School

    17 September 2014
    17th September, Jakarta: Penabur International School – Tanjung Duren campus in Jakarta has been appointed an ACT test center. Penabur International is the third GAC school to be recognized as an ACT test center in Indonesia, along with Sekolah Kristen Terang Bangsa in Semarang and Budi Mulia Dua International School in Yogyakarta. It is the first GAC school in [...]