Madania—A Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) Success Story in Indonesia

Madania – Sekolah Umum Berwawasan Internasional, in Bogor, Indonesia, is one of the most progressive and successful GAC schools in the world.

Madania’s vision statement sums it up: "Our work is not only about a curriculum or a teaching method . . . it is about nurturing the human spirit with love, knowledge and wisdom."

"Madania provides students with a learning society, and it’s important that the students learn the Indonesian culture and have an international learning program such as the GAC," said Ms. Andri Nurcahyani, Director of Studies for the GAC at the school.

"We currently have about 1,200 students through the elementary, junior and senior high schools. Of these, more than 125 are studying the GAC in conjunction with their final 3 years of Indonesian high school curriculum," said Ms. Nurcahyani.

Following his recent visit to Madania, ACT Education Solutions’ South East Asia Sales Manager, Antony Choi, says that one of the more interesting aspects of life at the school is the harmony that exists between believers of different religions and their respective activities and praying.

"There are many aspects of this school to admire," said Choi, "from the outstanding resort-like facilities, to the excellent teachers and their relationship with the students and their parents to the academic achievements of the whole group."

"The soft skills that the students learn in the GAC such as time management, study skills, research, essay writing and meeting deadlines combined with the strong academic content of the program are an excellent fit with the needs of this school community."

"The benefits for the students are very measurable," stated Choi. As one of the year 10 students, Dina, said, "I’ve been studying with GAC for about 6 months. The GAC has opened my eyes wider and gives me more knowledge. We have more challenging study time and clear assessments criteria; these factors encourage me to study harder and do more research."

For further information see the Madania – Sekolah Umum Berwawasan Internasional website.