Membantu siswa internasional mempersiapkan diri untuk belajar ke universitas berbahasa Inggris di seluruh dunia.


English Language Programs mempersiapkan siswa untuk belajar bahasa Inggris lebih lanjut.

Program Global Assessment Certificate® adalah program persiapan ke universitas, yang diajarkan dan dievaluasi dalam bahasa Inggris.


BPK Penabur Bogor becomes the third Penabur National Plus school to join the GAC program

July 10, 2014, Sentul City, West Java: BPK Penabur Bogor became the third Penabur school along with two Jakarta-based schools (Tanjung Duren and Kelapa Gading campuses) to run the GAC program. In a signing ceremony at its Bogor campus, Rev. Darwin Darmawan, Acting Head of School Foundation, signed an agreement with AES’ General Manager, Gaye Pullyn.

BPK Penabur Bogor, located in a suburban area called Sentul City, identifies itself as a National Plus school, which means the curriculum followed from elementary school onwards is the national Indonesian curriculum with added international curriculum. At BPK Penabur Bogor, the National curriculum is run concurrently with the Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) program which provides an international stream.

“We have been in conversation with AES regarding implementing the GAC for quite a while and we cannot be happier to finally seal the deal and start sharing a great vision together. We have heard great things about the GAC program from a colleague. So, when our school was planning to establish a high school, we immediately thought of using the GAC program,” said Ms. Carmelita Toelihere, the Principal of BPK Penabur High School, in her opening speech.

When the new academic year started in August 2014, the school commenced its first high school intake. The GAC is being implemented alongside regular high school classes using an embedded model. (RU)